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Feasibility studies are technical and financial investigations with market research that should be done before any kind of investment in various works such as plant commissioning, construction of new production lines or developing plans for industrial and mineral plants. During feasibility study process, marketing, technical and financial aspects of the plan are studied and therefore production situation, consumption materials, price of the product and the rate of their changes are indicated. By means of soft wares for professional design, project control and financial analyzing, consultant could get more precise and accurate results.

As one of the first consultants of Bank of Industry and Mine, MIPEC provides feasibility study services for applicants who are decided to use credit facilities of banking system. MIPEC services in this field are:

Feasibility studies are detailed as bellows:

Pre-engineering studies
Market research
Selection of plant location
Technical and engineering studies
Final price determination for the product
Direct and indirect cost estimation for plans
Providing implementation and budgeting plans (WBS & CBS)